Avast Antivirus

avast antivirus

With its wide range of protection features, Avast is an ideal antivirus product for anyone looking to secure their devices. This Antivirus detects and moderate harmful programs at a fast rate. The free version of this product works incredibly well. It not only checks for malware and viruses but also detects malicious browser add-ons, weak passwords, sensitive documents, out-dated software and network issues.

Free Software-Avast Free Antivirus

Avast built its reputation by offering a free product known as Avast Free Antivirus. This free version includes unique protection features such as silent gaming mode, Wi-Fi network Scanner, ransomware shield and password manager. It allows you to adjust it and tailor the activities to your preferences. Various windows operating systems supported by Avast Free Antivirus include Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. If you want an ideal product for your PC protection, Avast Free Antivirus is the right choice.

Avast Antivirus Computer Protection

This low cost virus software detects large number of advanced malware and stops many of them from accessing and installing in a device. It has an automatic scan that detects and mitigates any kind of malware within 24 hours. When Avast detects a known malware in a computer, it immediately sends it to quarantine and later delete it.

Avast Antivirus Software -Conclusion

To summarize, Avast Antivirus is perfect protection software. Its free version makes it affordable to numerous users. This software performs best at detecting most advanced malware before they get into your computer. In case your PC is infected, Avast Antivirus automatic scan will spring into action to identify and wipe out the infection. Install Avast today to keep your devices free from malware and other infections.

Zoom Review

zoom logo

Zoom is the app of the moment. Lock down around the world popularised this program more than ever. The app enables videoconferencing, chatting and webinars. Such has been its success that we have seen politicians using it to give press conferences, entrepreneurs to give courses and friends to talk to each other. Zoom is also useful for making video calls, arranging meetings and teaching online.

Different Features Offered By Zoom

Zoom is very easy to use and offers different functionalities, which make it more than just a regular video call software. From making a simple video call or sharing your screen, to changing the background behind you or using a virtual whiteboard. you can do a lot with this app. Gone are the times when programs like Skype were the king. To do the typical screen-display webinars and sell a course or service at the end, Zoom is unrivalled

The Security Issues

As this video call software program became super popular, that also brought some security issues to forefront. An article published in Vice reflected that this tool – in its version for iOS – sent data to Facebook. A few days later, Zoom assured that they would address this problem. The other major problem with the app was ”Zoombombing’ where uninvited users interrupted the meeting, on many occasions, with violent or pornographic images.

The Closing Words

While it is true that there is no manual to make a meeting by Zoom 100% safe, it is true that you can take a series of precautionary measures to protect your privacy. For instance, Updating to the latest version, Installing an antivirus, Adding a meeting password, Making registration compulsory. to name some No one can deny the advantages the app offers and with a little precaution, we can make the best use of it without compromising on our safety.

Slack Review

slack review

Slack is enterprise software that gives a computerized workspace to groups and organizations to automate processes. The application offers one-on-one messaging, private chats, direct messaging and chat rooms as group conversations. All resources inside Slack are accessible from one search box. It enables users to send automatic notifications, alerts on specified conditions and create internal support tickets.

How Slack Promotes Collaboration

Slack brings communication and teamwork into one spot enabling users to accomplish more work, regardless of whether they are working in a huge enterprise or an independent company. It enables members of staff to scratch off their plan or pushes their activities ahead by bringing the correct individuals, discussions, apparatuses, and the data they need. Slack is accessible on any gadget, so users can conveniently accomplish their tasks as individuals or as a group.

Is it better than Skype

Slack’s open help support structures can take on questions, bug reports, complaints, and highlight demands. The best part is that they need clients input regardless of whether it’s negative or positive so that improvements can be done. Slack provides many helpful features to assist users with being profitable. It also permits users to set goals for each channel to enhance teamwork.

Advantages of Slack

Slack uses shared channels and guest records to work with an individual outside of the worker’s immediate team. Concentrates work within Slack by associating the most significant apparatuses with applications and combinations. On the other hand, it utilizes Slack Calls (video and voice) besides screen sharing to interact with anybody in the workspace.

Ransom Malware

ransom malware

As the name suggests, Ransom Malware is a kind of malicious software that restricts a client’s access to their files. In exchange for the access, those in charge of this malicious software request that a ransom be paid. The earliest variation of malware was created in 1989, and ransoms were paid through the postal service system. These days though, ransomware creators demand payments be made through digital money.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware comes from the cryptovirology field, relying on cryptography principles to create malware. As a result, it can be used to contaminate a PC in many ways, such as through the more commonly used CryptoLocker. For you to bypass the Ransomware in your system, you need to either be a knowledgeable expert to decrypt the files yourself or, you need to pay the ransom requested by the extortionist.

How Ransomware Works

The most widely recognised conveyance system for malware is through phishing scams. These are attachments that go to the victim through emails appearing to be documents from legitimate sources. Once they’re downloaded and opened, the Ransomware gains control of the PC, encrypting the victim’s files. Ransom is then demanded for the files to be decrypted.

How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is an integral market for cyber criminals and can be hard to stop. Counteractive action is the most significant means of securing your data. The most widely used technique includes using security software such as antiviruses that are up to date. These help in detecting malicious files already in the system while also protecting computers against possible threats.

Microsoft Innovations

If someone told you that you would have to use your computer without an operating system, chances are, you wouldn’t bother with it anymore. Microsoft are part of the reason why you’re on the internet right now reading this article. Microsoft is a long way from its 1975 birth in a New-Mexico garage, now boasting of products in its repertoire including a video console and a search engine.

Innovations By Microsoft

Part of the reason why Microsoft has stayed at the tech development forefront for so log is because of their reverence for innovation. Of the lesser-known Microsoft innovations is Holoportation which allows one person to be at 2 places at any single moment. This is using 2 cameras to capture depth information to create 3D representations of surroundings. To view remote participants using Holoportation, one uses a head-mounted display that allows real-time vision and interaction with “Holoported” counterparts.

“Look, Mom! No Hands!”

Microsoft has the Hands-Free Keyboard for those who are unable to use their hands or those without speech ability. This allows them to type using nothing but a gaze using input from a sensor bar like the Tobii EyeX. In the medical field, in order to reduce errors from surgeons not controlling hardware during surgeries while still maintaining sterility, the use of camera-based gesture recognition technology is employed.

“Still, Mom, No Hands!” (A Summary)

Continuing from before, the technology is to be used by doctors for the viewing controlling and manipulation of images without having to use hands. There is plenty still from the Microsoft Innovation labs including Project Premonition aka using mosquitoes to sample pathogens in the environment and prevent fatal diseases from spreading. Started from MS-DOS now we’re here! It’s exciting what the future holds.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and universal multimedia player that works on systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Free BSD, Linux, Net BSD and others. The VLC player can be used to stream video and audio over the network. To start playing any file, you do not need to install additional codecs, since they are already included in the program.

Pros and Cons

vlc media player logo

The video files come in many different formats and it is simply impossible to open everything with a single player. It turns out that for every other format, it will be necessary to download a suitable video player. With the VLC media player, you can open almost all existing video and audio formats as it offers multiple file format support. What’s more, it is completely free. In addition, VLC is the only player that can handle corrupt or broken files.

The Internet Radio Function

VLC Player supports the Internet radio function, which is a very convenient feature. Thus with the VLC player, you have the opportunity to record your favorite music or video directly from the air in good quality and this is all completely free. In addition, even if your file has been damaged or has not been completely downloaded from the Internet, the player will be able to play it.

The best choice

VLC player offers everything that you could ever ask of a media player – streaming, comprehensive format support, downloading and so much more. Its interface may not be as stylish as few other players, but it is excellent and convenient enough to become the main media player on your system for both video and audio.

Windows Defender

Perhaps the longest-running native and free Microsoft Windows anti-virus solution, Windows Defender has its fair share of detractors. However, no one can deny that the recent iterations of the anti-virus is not only better but offers more functionality. While a couple of years ago Windows Defender used to be the baseline test for most third-party anti-virus solutions, today, it outperforms a number of them.

You Could Be Paying for an Underperforming Antivirus

windows defender blue logoRecent antivirus benchmarks ran by AV-test.org show Windows Defender outperforming commercial malware protection solutions like F-Secure, Panda, and ESET. Considering that most of these antivirus solutions charge you a premium for protection, the fact that the Windows Defender outperforms means you’re paying for bottom-drawer computer security. That would be like paying for all the accessories for a car only to find out that the base model offers all these accessories, with no extra charge.

Windows Defender Performs Decently

Considering it is a free antivirus solution with a long history of quirks, Windows Defender performs decently. Results published by AV-test.org show that it catches prevalent and widespread malware 96% of the time. What’s more, the AV managed to spot 97% of “zero-day” malware. That means 97 times out of a hundred, Windows Defender was able to spot malicious ransomware even if it had no previous experience with it.

You’ll Still Need Another AV Solution Though

While Windows Defender’s recent statistics are impressive, it still struggles to keep your computer protected from malicious programs. It will catch most of them, but even AV solutions that ranked below Windows Defender in AV-test.org results like F-Secure still caught “zero-day” malware 100% of the time and 99% of the time, they caught prevalent and widespread viruses and worms.

Windows People

People app in your Windows 8 and 10 is not just your usual address book. The app allows users to link and organize contacts from their different email accounts. Windows People is integrated with Calendar and Mail apps. With this, you can easily pick a contact from People and send an email without having to log in to your Microsoft account. The Calendar app automatically reminds you of important dates.

A Contact Management App

windows people appWindows People is a perfect contact management app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and 10 users. The program enables its users to store and find their contact information like telephone numbers, addresses, and emails with ease. The great thing with this app is that it automatically adds your contacts. Alternatively, you can manually add them or import from other accounts, particularly if you have them stored in multiple email accounts.

How To Add Contacts in Windows People

Open the People app on your Windows 8 or 10 PC and click the settings tab. Tap the ‘Add an Account’ button. This will prompt you to choose the account you wish to add. Follow the instructions and in few steps, you will be done. If you want to add contacts to this contact management app manually, you type the person’s contact details and then click on the + symbol.

Windows People In Summary

Finding every detail about a person in your contacts can be challenging, especially when this information is stored in different accounts. Windows People makes this easier for you by enabling you to synchronize all your contact details in one place. Also, with this app, you can save all your important dates, which is essential in ensuring you remember all your schedules.


With each technological advancement comes advantages and, sometimes, disadvantages as well. The Windows 10 updates are one such case of a good thing with some undesirable features. This is because it automatically installs new updates to the user’s device as a measure to improve user experience and security. This is where Wushowhide comes in to save the day for all those who’d rather not update.

Great tool for bad patches!

Wushowhide allows users to select which updates they would like to have. This is crucial, especially in cases where the has may affect a system’s drivers. Users can hide or block updates that they feel may not be beneficial to their system, for any given reason. This is something that hasn’t been possible since Windows 10 was launched. Windows users can now breathe easy and stop dreading updates!

How it works

After installing the Windows update that includes the troubleshooter, users need to head over to the updates menu. From there, based on the list of awaiting updates, you can choose whether to hide or show different items on the list. Whichever update you hide will not be installed. However, if later you choose to has a hidden update, it will be automatically installed.

Window gets better

Windows users have, for years, been able to choose what their systems need. This was all dependent on the hardware and software capabilities of their systems. The Windows 10 updates came as a bit of a shock when some realised the undesirable consequences of letting some updates install. However, Microsoft has heard their cries and created a solution that allows everyone to enjoy what Windows 10 has to offer.


Skype is a revolutionary telecommunication application used for video chat, messaging and voice calls. What one needs is to have a computer, mobile phone or any other digital device, and internet connection. Skype is popularly for allowing video conference calls among users. Millions of people use it as the software offers the majority of its services for free.

Benefits and Features

skype blue logoThis communications app has excellent features which have won the hearts of many. As mentioned earlier, most of its services are free. As such, users can engage in free group video conferencing. Users also benefit from instant messaging, video messaging and voice messages. Moreover, it is easy to share files such as photos and videos. For those communicating with users from different backgrounds, the platform has a Skype Translator to facilitate efficient communication.

Why You Need Skype for Business

Perhaps one of the most important aspects which make Skype perfect for your enterprise is the ability to cut costs. The free communications app enables any business owner to make calls without incurring expenses. Moreover, there is a decline in travel costs since most of the issues can be communicated over the platform. Thus, businesses make more profits and become more efficient.

Skype for Life and Business

Technology has improved the way we do things. This emerging trend has dramatically transformed the area of telecommunication. Specifically, Skype has come in to give what many people were waiting for. The application allows people to make free calls, and share messages at any time, from anywhere. The fact that most of these services are free gives people another reason to continue using it.