Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that is used to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services through the global network that is managed under the Ms data centers. The service was updated to provide software as service (SaaS) Infrastructure as service (IaS) and Platform as Service (PaS). This was achieved incorporating and supporting various programming languages, frameworks and tools from Microsoft as well as third party systems.

Cloud Computing In Azure

Ms Azure logoAs a cloud computing service, Microsoft does not imply the vague term often used in consumer services for data storage in a remote server. The cloud computing in Microsoft Azure refers to the actual computing as a basic service for companies, institutions, organizations and individuals who need more than just data storage. Clients can code with tools provided by Azure and then use the virtual machines to execute the commands in the applications using the Windows server.

Testing With Azure

With Microsoft Azure, you can create a dev-test environment to provides you with virtual machines. After setting your preferences, spin up the virtual machines available, select the ones you need and network them and then allocate them to your developers. You are then required to manage your environment with alertness depending on whether you want to maintain a centralized control or support self provision by the developer.

Microsoft Azure Check Increases Confidence of Apps Performance

Microsoft Azure helps you in checking your web app’s performance before launching them or deploying updates to production. That way, you have the opportunity to assess the workability of your app before releasing it to staff members or clients for use. This process of testing helps you to feel comfortable that the apps can work as expected.

PHP History

PHP, the most popular web programming language has been around for three decades. WordPress, Joomla, and the most popular website frameworks use PHP. If that’s not convincing enough for you to start using PHP, this article gives you a few extra reasons as to why PHP should be your main web programming language. Here, you will learn why web developers, Internet entrepreneurs, and the majority of the internet use PHP.

Open Source: Anyone Can Use It

PHP is an open source language which was created and maintained by a large group of PHP programmers. The people in the group can modify and share the programming software because its design is unrestricted. The source codes are made available to copyright holders where the right to study, change, share and distribute the software to other people is not limited for any purpose. This concept allows users to create a support community with a huge extension library.

php picture

PHP Is Fast And Easy To Use

PHP is designed using C like syntax. This web design allows those programmers who are familiar with C language to navigate easily and create a website easily. Compared to other languages like Applescript and Python, PHP is relatively fast. Although languages use different systems and not easy to compare, a programmer using PHP cannot easily observe the computer working or measure the time lapse in milliseconds.

Evolution of PHP

PHP was invented in 1994 by Rasmus Lersdorf and was preceded by a product named PHP/FI. The first version of PHP was simply a set of Common Gateway Interface or CGI binaries that were written in C language. The ideal behind its development was for tracking the number of visits to Rasmus’s online resume and over time, its functionality became more desired in producing and implementing bigger and more valuable websites.


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