Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a humanitarian, innovator, author and computer technologist. He was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955, and spent his childhood there with his parents and two sisters. Mary Maxwell Gates, his mother, was a teacher, University of Washington official, and director of United Way International, and his father, William Henry Gates II, was a famous attorney. His supportive family always encouraged his enthusiasm for computers.

Founder Of Microsoft

bill gates richer than any casinoPaul Allen and Bill Gates first met when Paul was 14 and Bill was 12 years old. They started the company as Micro-Soft in 1975, changed the name to Microsoft a year later, and moved it to Washington State in 1979. They set Windows 1.0 in motion in 1985, and ten years later the Windows 95. In 2000, Bill Gates took the position of the chief software designer and eight years later retired from Microsoft to become a technology advisor. This of course would make him incredibly rich where estimations of his wealth measures figures such as 92,7 billion US dollars. As a comparison the biggest win at an online casino recorded in history is 20,4 million dollars. By that, Bill Gates wealth equals over 5000 jackpot wins so even if visting the best online casino in the world, we can all agree to that Bill must hit the slot machine a lot of times.

Melinda Ann Gates

Melinda Ann Gates is a humanitarian, businesswoman, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-founder. She was working as a project manager at Microsoft when she met her husband Bill, and they got married in 1994 in Hawaii. After that, she left her work at Microsoft and focused on the family and their three daughters. In 2000 she and her husband founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates established The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, and they also helped 20.000 young people to go to college in the next twenty years with their Gates Millennium Scholars effort. In 2002 they helped install PC’s in 11.000 libraries across America, and in 2006, Warren Buffet donated a huge part of his wealth to their foundation. They are working hard to help people all over the world live a better life.


bing logo

Bing is an Internet search engine developed by Microsoft. Apart from being the default search engine with Edge, the default Windows browser, it is also the major partner of Yahoo! Search. It is currently the second most dominant Internet search engine for desktop computers, right after Google, with Yahoo! Search (which is also mostly powered by Bing) coming in third place.

Search With Bing

Originating from MSN search engine, Bing is more than meets the eye. Along with automatically completing the user’s search queries using its special semantic technology, it also has the special technique for suggesting the users’ potential related searches (located in the so-called Explore Pane). The search engine from Microsoft also offers video, image, and map searches, with the users especially praising its ability to search videos.

Additional Features Of Bing

The search engine offers some more unique features, such as the ability to give instant answers about sports events scores for betting, mathematical calculations, units conversion, slot machine RTP as well as providing the users with instant translations, spell check, dictionary definitions, flight tracking, package tracking, stock market reports. There is also Bing shopping, together with different health information and more.

Bing and Apple

It is not only Microsoft and their own operating systems, starting from Windows 8, that is very keen on using Bing as their preferred search engine, Starting with Apples iOS 7 and newer, Bing – instead of previously preferred Google – is also the default search engine for the Apple devices that can use Siri.