Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office LogoMicrosoft Office is a combination of server software, client software and various services that are developed by Microsoft. It was initially introduced in the market by Bill Gates in 1988 at COMDEX in Las Vegas. The first version contained Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. However, over the years Microsoft Office has grown to incorporate other applications.

Find Out What Is Included In Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is developed in several versions that target different customers and computing environments. The original and widely used version is the desktop version (desktop productivity applications) which is available for PCs that run on Windows. The most current desktop version is Office 2019 Windows which was released in 2018. Microsoft recently developed Office Mobile for mobile devices which is a free to use version hence enabling you to read even your email anywhere.

Microsoft Office Applications

The common and widely used software developed by Microsoft Office are Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is a word processor, it has made it possible to write documents and send them via email across the globe hence making the world a global village. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that features graphing tools, calculations, and pivot tools. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation Program developed by Austin and Gaskins.

Final Remarks On Microsoft

Since its inception in 1988, Microsoft has made huge steps in providing the best and innovative computing software. The revolutionary Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel have particularly reduced the heaps of paper work in our offices. The PowerPoint presentations are a fashionable tool in presenting our board meetings discussions and also academia works.