Windows People

People app in your Windows 8 and 10 is not just your usual address book. The app allows users to link and organize contacts from their different email accounts. Windows People is integrated with Calendar and Mail apps. With this, you can easily pick a contact from People and send an email without having to log in to your Microsoft account. The Calendar app automatically reminds you of important dates.

A Contact Management App

windows people appWindows People is a perfect contact management app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and 10 users. The program enables its users to store and find their contact information like telephone numbers, addresses, and emails with ease. The great thing with this app is that it automatically adds your contacts. Alternatively, you can manually add them or import from other accounts, particularly if you have them stored in multiple email accounts.

How To Add Contacts in Windows People

Open the People app on your Windows 8 or 10 PC and click the settings tab. Tap the ‘Add an Account’ button. This will prompt you to choose the account you wish to add. Follow the instructions and in few steps, you will be done. If you want to add contacts to this contact management app manually, you type the person’s contact details and then click on the + symbol.

Windows People In Summary

Finding every detail about a person in your contacts can be challenging, especially when this information is stored in different accounts. Windows People makes this easier for you by enabling you to synchronize all your contact details in one place. Also, with this app, you can save all your important dates, which is essential in ensuring you remember all your schedules.