Microsoft Innovations

If someone told you that you would have to use your computer without an operating system, chances are, you wouldn’t bother with it anymore. Microsoft are part of the reason why you’re on the internet right now reading this article. Microsoft is a long way from its 1975 birth in a New-Mexico garage, now boasting of products in its repertoire including a video console and a search engine.

Innovations By Microsoft

Part of the reason why Microsoft has stayed at the tech development forefront for so log is because of their reverence for innovation. Of the lesser-known Microsoft innovations is Holoportation which allows one person to be at 2 places at any single moment. This is using 2 cameras to capture depth information to create 3D representations of surroundings. To view remote participants using Holoportation, one uses a head-mounted display that allows real-time vision and interaction with “Holoported” counterparts.

“Look, Mom! No Hands!”

Microsoft has the Hands-Free Keyboard for those who are unable to use their hands or those without speech ability. This allows them to type using nothing but a gaze using input from a sensor bar like the Tobii EyeX. In the medical field, in order to reduce errors from surgeons not controlling hardware during surgeries while still maintaining sterility, the use of camera-based gesture recognition technology is employed.

“Still, Mom, No Hands!” (A Summary)

Continuing from before, the technology is to be used by doctors for the viewing controlling and manipulation of images without having to use hands. There is plenty still from the Microsoft Innovation labs including Project Premonition aka using mosquitoes to sample pathogens in the environment and prevent fatal diseases from spreading. Started from MS-DOS now we’re here! It’s exciting what the future holds.