Zoom Review

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Zoom is the app of the moment. Lock down around the world popularised this program more than ever. The app enables videoconferencing, chatting and webinars. Such has been its success that we have seen politicians using it to give press conferences, entrepreneurs to give courses and friends to talk to each other. Zoom is also useful for making video calls, arranging meetings and teaching online.

Different Features Offered By Zoom

Zoom is very easy to use and offers different functionalities, which make it more than just a regular video call software. From making a simple video call or sharing your screen, to changing the background behind you or using a virtual whiteboard. you can do a lot with this app. Gone are the times when programs like Skype were the king. To do the typical screen-display webinars and sell a course or service at the end, Zoom is unrivalled

The Security Issues

As this video call software program became super popular, that also brought some security issues to forefront. An article published in Vice reflected that this tool – in its version for iOS – sent data to Facebook. A few days later, Zoom assured that they would address this problem. The other major problem with the app was ”Zoombombing’ where uninvited users interrupted the meeting, on many occasions, with violent or pornographic images.

The Closing Words

While it is true that there is no manual to make a meeting by Zoom 100% safe, it is true that you can take a series of precautionary measures to protect your privacy. For instance, Updating to the latest version, Installing an antivirus, Adding a meeting password, Making registration compulsory. to name some No one can deny the advantages the app offers and with a little precaution, we can make the best use of it without compromising on our safety.