Gener8 lets internet users make some money by adding an extension to their browser. The company replaces the normal advertisements you see with Gener8’s own partners. The concept is a simple way to make some passive income. However, it is important to learn a bit more about this technology before jumping in. Users need to know if it is profitable and worth using.

How it works?

Gener8 works by letting you download an extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. This extension replaces the targeted advertising you are seeing with Gener8’s partners. You just register for free using your Facebook, Twitter or email account. However, you must uninstall ad blockers so that you don’t block online ads. Then, you edit your preferences, categories. and personal information. This will influence the type of ads that you see. You get tokens once the ad has been viewed.

Is It Worth It?

Tokens let you earn money online but not much. However, they can be used to purchase gift cards and other items from Gener8’s online store. Unfortunately, the real cash value that you earn will be very small, Gener8 may only bring in €20 to €30 a month from 1000 daily clicks, The reason is that companies like Gerner8 won’t spend more than their usual Google Ads budget.

Our Final Say

Gener8 is a passive way to make money online. However, it will only bring in loose change. There are a few reasons why you might download the extension. First, you don’t mind that Gener8 blocks other companies from making ad revenue. Second, you bring in thousands of clicks per day for a little more money. Finally, casual web users might make a few dollars for their overall passive income.