Bing is an Internet search engine developed by Microsoft. Apart from being the default search engine with Edge, the default Windows browser, it is also the major partner of Yahoo! Search. It is currently the second most dominant Internet search engine for desktop computers, right after Google, with Yahoo! Search (which is also mostly powered by Bing) coming in third place.

Search With Bing

Originating from MSN search engine, Bing is more than meets the eye. Along with automatically completing the user’s search queries using its special semantic technology, it also has the special technique for suggesting the users’ potential related searches (located in the so-called Explore Pane). The search engine from Microsoft also offers video, image, and map searches, with the users especially praising its ability to search videos.

Additional Features Of Bing

The search engine offers some more unique features, such as the ability to give instant answers about sports events scores for betting, mathematical calculations, units conversion, slot machine RTP as well as providing the users with instant translations, spell check, dictionary definitions, flight tracking, package tracking, stock market reports. There is also Bing shopping, together with different health information and more.

Bing and Apple

It is not only Microsoft and their own operating systems, starting from Windows 8, that is very keen on using Bing as their preferred search engine, Starting with Apples iOS 7 and newer, Bing – instead of previously preferred Google – is also the default search engine for the Apple devices that can use Siri.