Where to Find a Cheap Convertible Laptop?

toshiba-satellite-radius-11-L15W-B1303A convertible laptop is a laptop that doubles as a tablet. The screen swivels around so that you can fold it over backwards. This is opposed to a hybrid laptop, where the screen actually disconnects from the keyboard to form a tablet. The focus of this article will be where you can find cheap convertible laptops.

The first place to check for any computer devices would be Newegg provides all the latest technology for a lower price than in retail stores. If you’re searching for a cheap convertible laptop, this would not be a bad place to start. Simply go to and search for “convertible laptop,” and surely something will pop up.
Convertible laptops, depending on the year it was made, vary in power, performance, and style. It also depends on which company you decide to go with. It also depends on exactly how much you are willing to spend. On Newegg, you’ll find that convertible laptops range from $600 to beyond $3000.

Not satisfied with that price range? That’s fine. Try a different site, another electronics site. has been around for more than a decade, and they search the web for you for the best prices. The prices are about the same, but you will get a great unit for your money. Lenovo, Sony, and HP seem to be the top hitting brands right now. On price watch you’ll find great deals, especially on Lenovo convertible laptops.

Still a bit out of your price range? Perhaps tryan older model, something refurbished or used. The term ‘refurbished’ often gets a bad reputation, but if you choose carefully, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. Try eBay. It can be as simple as that. Sellers have convertible laptops as well as other electronics spanning out over the past decade. Just be sure that the seller is trustworthy. You can do this by examining his or her feedback rating. The higher the feedback rating (try 95% or better), the more likely you’ll get a great deal if you’re willing to go used or refurbished.

If you’re just looking for something to take notes on, you can definitely go with a cheaper model. However, if you wish to game, you should focus in on the more expensive models. On eBay, you can find good used convertible laptops for under $100!