Monday is a cloud-based project management tool that provides a different organization approach using colours and placement. This is crucial to view and manage a team’s dashboards at a glance. It is easy to use and offers support with walkthrough tutorials and regular updates to improve features. Using it, you will be ahead of event scheduling, assigning tasks, calendar, discussion boards and time-tracking in your project management cycle.

How It Works

Monday Project management software simplifies task management and collaboration. It uses centralized management with colour-coded and visually organized boards to identify who’s working on an aspect of a project. This teamwork software Gantt charts allow tracing tasks on projects spanning days and communication management in real-time. The dashboard’s visual organization ensures all deadlines are met. With this, the client can be invited to view various steps of the projects.

Is It Worth The Price?

Monday teamwork software has some notable clients, including Uber, Fiverr, and Adidas. These companies have intensive scheduling and project management needs for their operations. That’s why they go for Monday because it maximizes value for each business with tiered subscription plans starting from basic to enterprise subscription. Monday organization software features support every business level and the price is right once you are sure of what your business needs.

Unique Selling Points is a fully-fledged project management software equipped with the right features to ensure that your teams collaborate efficiently. Once you know what your business requires, leveraging this organization software needs no third-party tools or juggling between applications. It is a comprehensive system to have valuable insights on project status with one swipe of the eyes.