VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free and universal multimedia player that works on systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Free BSD, Linux, Net BSD and others. The VLC player can be used to stream video and audio over the network. To start playing any file, you do not need to install additional codecs, since they are already included in the program.

Pros and Cons

vlc media player logo

The video files come in many different formats and it is simply impossible to open everything with a single player. It turns out that for every other format, it will be necessary to download a suitable video player. With the VLC media player, you can open almost all existing video and audio formats as it offers multiple file format support. What’s more, it is completely free. In addition, VLC is the only player that can handle corrupt or broken files.

The Internet Radio Function

VLC Player supports the Internet radio function, which is a very convenient feature. Thus with the VLC player, you have the opportunity to record your favorite music or video directly from the air in good quality and this is all completely free. In addition, even if your file has been damaged or has not been completely downloaded from the Internet, the player will be able to play it.

The best choice

VLC player offers everything that you could ever ask of a media player – streaming, comprehensive format support, downloading and so much more. Its interface may not be as stylish as few other players, but it is excellent and convenient enough to become the main media player on your system for both video and audio.

Windows Defender

Perhaps the longest-running native and free Microsoft Windows anti-virus solution, Windows Defender has its fair share of detractors. However, no one can deny that the recent iterations of the anti-virus is not only better but offers more functionality. While a couple of years ago Windows Defender used to be the baseline test for most third-party anti-virus solutions, today, it outperforms a number of them.

You Could Be Paying for an Underperforming Antivirus

windows defender blue logoRecent antivirus benchmarks ran by AV-test.org show Windows Defender outperforming commercial malware protection solutions like F-Secure, Panda, and ESET. Considering that most of these antivirus solutions charge you a premium for protection, the fact that the Windows Defender outperforms means you’re paying for bottom-drawer computer security. That would be like paying for all the accessories for a car only to find out that the base model offers all these accessories, with no extra charge.

Windows Defender Performs Decently

Considering it is a free antivirus solution with a long history of quirks, Windows Defender performs decently. Results published by AV-test.org show that it catches prevalent and widespread malware 96% of the time. What’s more, the AV managed to spot 97% of “zero-day” malware. That means 97 times out of a hundred, Windows Defender was able to spot malicious ransomware even if it had no previous experience with it.

You’ll Still Need Another AV Solution Though

While Windows Defender’s recent statistics are impressive, it still struggles to keep your computer protected from malicious programs. It will catch most of them, but even AV solutions that ranked below Windows Defender in AV-test.org results like F-Secure still caught “zero-day” malware 100% of the time and 99% of the time, they caught prevalent and widespread viruses and worms.

Windows People

People app in your Windows 8 and 10 is not just your usual address book. The app allows users to link and organize contacts from their different email accounts. Windows People is integrated with Calendar and Mail apps. With this, you can easily pick a contact from People and send an email without having to log in to your Microsoft account. The Calendar app automatically reminds you of important dates.

A Contact Management App

windows people appWindows People is a perfect contact management app for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and 10 users. The program enables its users to store and find their contact information like telephone numbers, addresses, and emails with ease. The great thing with this app is that it automatically adds your contacts. Alternatively, you can manually add them or import from other accounts, particularly if you have them stored in multiple email accounts.

How To Add Contacts in Windows People

Open the People app on your Windows 8 or 10 PC and click the settings tab. Tap the ‘Add an Account’ button. This will prompt you to choose the account you wish to add. Follow the instructions and in few steps, you will be done. If you want to add contacts to this contact management app manually, you type the person’s contact details and then click on the + symbol.

Windows People In Summary

Finding every detail about a person in your contacts can be challenging, especially when this information is stored in different accounts. Windows People makes this easier for you by enabling you to synchronize all your contact details in one place. Also, with this app, you can save all your important dates, which is essential in ensuring you remember all your schedules.


With each technological advancement comes advantages and, sometimes, disadvantages as well. The Windows 10 updates are one such case of a good thing with some undesirable features. This is because it automatically installs new updates to the user’s device as a measure to improve user experience and security. This is where Wushowhide comes in to save the day for all those who’d rather not update.

Great tool for bad patches!

Wushowhide allows users to select which updates they would like to have. This is crucial, especially in cases where the has may affect a system’s drivers. Users can hide or block updates that they feel may not be beneficial to their system, for any given reason. This is something that hasn’t been possible since Windows 10 was launched. Windows users can now breathe easy and stop dreading updates!

How it works

After installing the Windows update that includes the troubleshooter, users need to head over to the updates menu. From there, based on the list of awaiting updates, you can choose whether to hide or show different items on the list. Whichever update you hide will not be installed. However, if later you choose to has a hidden update, it will be automatically installed.

Window gets better

Windows users have, for years, been able to choose what their systems need. This was all dependent on the hardware and software capabilities of their systems. The Windows 10 updates came as a bit of a shock when some realised the undesirable consequences of letting some updates install. However, Microsoft has heard their cries and created a solution that allows everyone to enjoy what Windows 10 has to offer.


Skype is a revolutionary telecommunication application used for video chat, messaging and voice calls. What one needs is to have a computer, mobile phone or any other digital device, and internet connection. Skype is popularly for allowing video conference calls among users. Millions of people use it as the software offers the majority of its services for free.

Benefits and Features

skype blue logoThis communications app has excellent features which have won the hearts of many. As mentioned earlier, most of its services are free. As such, users can engage in free group video conferencing. Users also benefit from instant messaging, video messaging and voice messages. Moreover, it is easy to share files such as photos and videos. For those communicating with users from different backgrounds, the platform has a Skype Translator to facilitate efficient communication.

Why You Need Skype for Business

Perhaps one of the most important aspects which make Skype perfect for your enterprise is the ability to cut costs. The free communications app enables any business owner to make calls without incurring expenses. Moreover, there is a decline in travel costs since most of the issues can be communicated over the platform. Thus, businesses make more profits and become more efficient.

Skype for Life and Business

Technology has improved the way we do things. This emerging trend has dramatically transformed the area of telecommunication. Specifically, Skype has come in to give what many people were waiting for. The application allows people to make free calls, and share messages at any time, from anywhere. The fact that most of these services are free gives people another reason to continue using it.

Dropbox Cloud Storage

Cloud computing has seen a number of changes in recent years. This has been made possible, partially due to the fact that there are increased storage cloud facilities. Dropbox is one of the applications that offer cloud storage facilities. Many users trust this service and as such, Dropbox currently holds millions of gigabytes worth of data for different clients around the globe.

DropBox Features Overview


Dropbox is one of the few cloud storage facilities with the most reliable sync capabilities on the internet. This is one feature that any user considers when seeking storage in the internet. Another feature offered by Dropbox is the 256-bit AES encryption security. This means that your data remains secure and in an instance that it is stolen, the malicious individual would still not de-encrypt it.

Large file sharing

With Dropbox, you can upload a large files, up-to 50gb. Additionally, you can also share the file with anyone. It doesn’t matter the size of the data or the type as well. This cloud storage facility allows you to share the link with the file and share it with anyone on email, chat or text.

Efficient syncing With Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to synchronize one file without effectively having to upload different files, every-time you effect some changes. This can be done on a network making working together as a team easy and quick. There are other many benefits of working with Dropbox. Be sure to check out for more on their website.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office LogoMicrosoft Office is a combination of server software, client software and various services that are developed by Microsoft. It was initially introduced in the market by Bill Gates in 1988 at COMDEX in Las Vegas. The first version contained Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. However, over the years Microsoft Office has grown to incorporate other applications.

Find Out What Is Included In Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is developed in several versions that target different customers and computing environments. The original and widely used version is the desktop version (desktop productivity applications) which is available for PCs that run on Windows. The most current desktop version is Office 2019 Windows which was released in 2018. Microsoft recently developed Office Mobile for mobile devices which is a free to use version hence enabling you to read even your email anywhere.

Microsoft Office Applications

The common and widely used software developed by Microsoft Office are Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is a word processor, it has made it possible to write documents and send them via email across the globe hence making the world a global village. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that features graphing tools, calculations, and pivot tools. Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation Program developed by Austin and Gaskins.

Final Remarks On Microsoft

Since its inception in 1988, Microsoft has made huge steps in providing the best and innovative computing software. The revolutionary Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel have particularly reduced the heaps of paper work in our offices. The PowerPoint presentations are a fashionable tool in presenting our board meetings discussions and also academia works.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a humanitarian, innovator, author and computer technologist. He was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955, and spent his childhood there with his parents and two sisters. Mary Maxwell Gates, his mother, was a teacher, University of Washington official, and director of United Way International, and his father, William Henry Gates II, was a famous attorney. His supportive family always encouraged his enthusiasm for computers.

Founder Of Microsoft

bill gates richer than any casinoPaul Allen and Bill Gates first met when Paul was 14 and Bill was 12 years old. They started the company as Micro-Soft in 1975, changed the name to Microsoft a year later, and moved it to Washington State in 1979. They set Windows 1.0 in motion in 1985, and ten years later the Windows 95. In 2000, Bill Gates took the position of the chief software designer and eight years later retired from Microsoft to become a technology advisor. This of course would make him incredibly rich where estimations of his wealth measures figures such as 92,7 billion US dollars. As a comparison the biggest win at an online casino recorded in history is 20,4 million dollars. By that, Bill Gates wealth equals over 5000 jackpot wins so even if visting the best online casino in the world, we can all agree to that Bill must hit the slot machine a lot of times.

Melinda Ann Gates

Melinda Ann Gates is a humanitarian, businesswoman, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-founder. She was working as a project manager at Microsoft when she met her husband Bill, and they got married in 1994 in Hawaii. After that, she left her work at Microsoft and focused on the family and their three daughters. In 2000 she and her husband founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates established The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, and they also helped 20.000 young people to go to college in the next twenty years with their Gates Millennium Scholars effort. In 2002 they helped install PC’s in 11.000 libraries across America, and in 2006, Warren Buffet donated a huge part of his wealth to their foundation. They are working hard to help people all over the world live a better life.


bing logo

Bing is an Internet search engine developed by Microsoft. Apart from being the default search engine with Edge, the default Windows browser, it is also the major partner of Yahoo! Search. It is currently the second most dominant Internet search engine for desktop computers, right after Google, with Yahoo! Search (which is also mostly powered by Bing) coming in third place.

Search With Bing

Originating from MSN search engine, Bing is more than meets the eye. Along with automatically completing the user’s search queries using its special semantic technology, it also has the special technique for suggesting the users’ potential related searches (located in the so-called Explore Pane). The search engine from Microsoft also offers video, image, and map searches, with the users especially praising its ability to search videos.

Additional Features Of Bing

The search engine offers some more unique features, such as the ability to give instant answers about sports events scores for betting, mathematical calculations, units conversion, slot machine RTP as well as providing the users with instant translations, spell check, dictionary definitions, flight tracking, package tracking, stock market reports. There is also Bing shopping, together with different health information and more.

Bing and Apple

It is not only Microsoft and their own operating systems, starting from Windows 8, that is very keen on using Bing as their preferred search engine, Starting with Apples iOS 7 and newer, Bing – instead of previously preferred Google – is also the default search engine for the Apple devices that can use Siri.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that is used to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services through the global network that is managed under the Ms data centers. The service was updated to provide software as service (SaaS) Infrastructure as service (IaS) and Platform as Service (PaS). This was achieved incorporating and supporting various programming languages, frameworks and tools from Microsoft as well as third party systems.

Cloud Computing In Azure

Ms Azure logoAs a cloud computing service, Microsoft does not imply the vague term often used in consumer services for data storage in a remote server. The cloud computing in Microsoft Azure refers to the actual computing as a basic service for companies, institutions, organizations and individuals who need more than just data storage. Clients can code with tools provided by Azure and then use the virtual machines to execute the commands in the applications using the Windows server.

Testing With Azure

With Microsoft Azure, you can create a dev-test environment to provides you with virtual machines. After setting your preferences, spin up the virtual machines available, select the ones you need and network them and then allocate them to your developers. You are then required to manage your environment with alertness depending on whether you want to maintain a centralized control or support self provision by the developer.

Microsoft Azure Check Increases Confidence of Apps Performance

Microsoft Azure helps you in checking your web app’s performance before launching them or deploying updates to production. That way, you have the opportunity to assess the workability of your app before releasing it to staff members or clients for use. This process of testing helps you to feel comfortable that the apps can work as expected.