The Search for Cheap Sony Laptops

sony-vaio-fz-laptopSony laptops are in style right now because of their sleek, modern design as well as being light weight with good performance. Most models have a 64-bit processor along with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. They are, however, notoriously expensive. There is a way around paying top dollar for a Sony laptop, though. For those in the market for a cheap Sony Laptop, perhaps the most popular website on the internet as far as buying computers and computer parts is concerned would be If you’re looking for something low budget, think refurbished models. Refurbished models get a bad reputation simply because they are refurbished, but Newegg is a safe place to buy any kind of laptop or PC, including those that are refurbished.

You can start your search simply by going to and doing a search for “Sony Laptop.” Or, if there is a specific kind of Sony laptop you are searching for, there are different categories along the left side of the page. The prices are usually about twenty percent less than a store bought computer.

Newegg has some great cheap Sony laptops for right around six hundred dollars, such as the Sony Vaio F series, now only $579.00. This features the standard Vaio 500 gigabyte hard drive along with an Intel i3 processor. Now, if you’re thinking about being a little flashy to impress your friends, a Sony ultrabook might be in order. The cheapest of these runs about $1,100 and they can run up to two thousand, but, as said, this is much less expensive than any deal you would get in an electronics store.

If you don’t mind owning a used machine, check out eBay. There is often some risk involved when buying from shady dealers, so make sure their feedback is good. Here, you can find used and refurbished Sony laptops (especially Vaios) for $500 and up. Many of these come equipped with Windows 7 or Windows 8, and most of them have 500 gigabyte hard drives. Simply type “Sony laptop” into the search and begin browsing. The best way to find a cheap Sony laptop is definitely online. Do not bother going to the over-priced electronic stores. Newegg is probably the safest bet, but if you are familiar with eBay, it can be helpful in saving money as well.

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