With each technological advancement comes advantages and, sometimes, disadvantages as well. The Windows 10 updates are one such case of a good thing with some undesirable features. This is because it automatically installs new updates to the user’s device as a measure to improve user experience and security. This is where Wushowhide comes in to save the day for all those who’d rather not update.

Great tool for bad patches!

Wushowhide allows users to select which updates they would like to have. This is crucial, especially in cases where the has may affect a system’s drivers. Users can hide or block updates that they feel may not be beneficial to their system, for any given reason. This is something that hasn’t been possible since Windows 10 was launched. Windows users can now breathe easy and stop dreading updates!

How it works

After installing the Windows update that includes the troubleshooter, users need to head over to the updates menu. From there, based on the list of awaiting updates, you can choose whether to hide or show different items on the list. Whichever update you hide will not be installed. However, if later you choose to has a hidden update, it will be automatically installed.

Window gets better

Windows users have, for years, been able to choose what their systems need. This was all dependent on the hardware and software capabilities of their systems. The Windows 10 updates came as a bit of a shock when some realised the undesirable consequences of letting some updates install. However, Microsoft has heard their cries and created a solution that allows everyone to enjoy what Windows 10 has to offer.